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I have always been able to see and communicate with spirits since I was a child.   I have been working as an intuitive for over ten years and I have also appeared on the TV show, “America’s Psychic Challenge” on Lifetime.  The show allowed me to showcase my abilities as a psychic and I was very happy to get the opportunity to connect and help people all across the country.  I received my first deck of tarot cards from a close friend and he was actually my first,  official reading.   

Since then my interest in the psychic world has led me to pursue and develop other abilities.   One of the unique things about the way that I work is that I'm able to provide various types of insight.   As a psychic medium, (I can connect with spirits on the other side) I'm intuitive (extra sensory perception) and able to provide insight and answers.  My other abilities include; clairaudience, hearing things psychically,  clairsentient, receiving information in a vibratory or higher form than just through sight or hearing and clairvoyant,  which is the ability to picture information or an event.  I'm also able to use psychometry,  which is receiving impressions from objects to provide insight.  Some of the tools I use include,  tarot cards, pendulums,  crystals, tea leaves depending on the preference of the client or the nature of the reading.   


Zenobia on television with famous psychic, Lisa Williams, after giving Lisa an amazing ‘blind’ reading!

America’s Psychic Challenge was a television show on Lifetime, with some of America’s most accurate and successful psychics. Zenobia was asked to be one of the elite few to appear on the show to portray her abilities and help with challenges such as personal readings, crime scenes and connecting people who have passed away with those who are living and loving them still.


Zenobia Simmons was invited by Lifetime TV to be a part of America’s Psychic Challenge.

Zenobia is a regular guest on national radio shows! ‘Above & Beyond with Laura Smith’

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